If you relate to any of these scenarios, then I am the person to professionally coach you through life’s disruptions, milestones and challenges.

Professional Organizing

From pulling out the contents of rooms and organizing drawers to making customized kits and donating, I do it all so you can breathe easier.  There are 7 phases to professional organizing: 
(1) Needs Assessment
(2) Deconstructing
(3) Categorization
(4) De-Cluttering
(5) Systemizing
(6) Assigning  
(7) Follow-Up



Coaching is often misunderstood as teaching, consulting and therapy. Professional coaching is actually a constructive journey traveled by two people: coach and client. Both are working towards the same goal. The clients are the source of their own destiny, inner-workings and knowledge. However, the client, not the coach is the subject matter expert: This is called a client-centered approach.  I help you increase productivity (effectiveness and efficiency), improve personal leadership (decisiveness and problem solving), make career decisions (demotions, promotions, changing fields) and finally, assist with loss and transition (moving, death, rites of passage).  I meet local clients at a neutral location to conduct sessions in a safe, inviting atmosphere: I also offer virtual sessions on Skype or by phone. Depending on the package you choose, I supplement sessions with email.

Wish-Away™ Gift Cards
Perhaps you aren’t ready to make the big leap to lasting change or you don’t have the budget to do so... but you want to get the ball rolling and take advantage of volume discounts and Transform180’s start-up pricing. Ask for a pledge or make a contribution to your own cause.

On-Site, High Security Diamond-Cut Paper Shredding
I invested in a portable micro-cut (a.k.a. “diamond-cut”) paper shredder to bring on-site for four reasons: (1) the highest security against identity theft, (2) client convenience, (3) ease, and (4) client witnessing of shredding.

Selling a house or having long-term guests?  There are 4 phases to Staging.  Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your space...and guests are often quick to judge yours.  So I create a universally eye-appealing environment to put the buyer or guests at ease upon first glance. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions. 

Pre- and Post-Move Services
From professional organizing to settling into the space, I make moving smooth. There are 5 phases to professional relocation.  I offer Phases I, II and V only:  Phases III and IV are future offerings that require a crew. 

À La Carte Personal Assistant Services
Ever wish you had a personal assistant sometimes? Consider me to be a project manager, logistics officer, agent, personal shopper or typist for you. Think of something you need assistance with and let me know: chances are, I can help you.

Custom Kits
Since I customize kits for the home, auto, and on-the-go, the contents and price of my kits vary.  If you give me a budget, I will work with it.  I set up accessory packages including the following:
-Van, Car and Truck Cabins 
-Emergency Preparedness 
-Purses and Briefcases

Productivity Coaching
Productivity coaching helps clients to understand their natural flow; so, they can communicate, create, adapt, interpret and thrive at home, at work and in society. I help enhance critical thinking and personal workflow for clients. 

Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is designed to address big picture needs: to meet organizational needs. I assess leadership, communication, and working styles of leaders and their teams. When leaders improve their performance, such benefits spread across the organization. It’s a win-win situation.  

Career Coaching
It is the job and joy of the coach to conduct an artful facilitation of extracting the client’s wisdom, insight, skill, attitude, interests, opportunities and strengths.  Topics covered in session include resumes, mock interviews, negotiation tactics, cover letters, job searching strategies, interest, skill, and values inventories and more.   

Life, Loss and Transition Coaching
The wisdom extracted during these exercises helps clients develop confidence in their own judgment and to become more grounded in the midst of perceived scarcity; or, in situations that can make them overwhelmed, confused and shocked. 

Senior-Care Personal Advocacy
I am a bonded and insured personal assistant who is the “eyes and ears” of families who cannot visit regularly. I help organize household administrative functions; however, I am not a companion or eldercare visiting nurse service.



Awareness Training
Clearing Estates
Personal Life Coaching (Life, Loss, and Transition)
Personal Assistant/Shopper Services
Relocation Management (Phases I, II and V only)
Stress Management
Time Management

Analogue and Digital Workflow Management
Executive Coaching (Productivity, Career, Leadership)
Communication Assessment
Contact Management
Document Management
Formal Needs Assessment Survey
Stress Management
Systems Organizing for Surfaces and Storage Areas
Time Management

Computer (Basic training for Seniors/Retirees)
Documents (Paper and Digital Filing)
Gift Wrapping
Holiday Decorations
Junk Mail/Do-Not-Contact Lists
Kits (Auto/Guest/Travel/Emergency Preparedness/Purse/Briefcase, First-Aid)
Memorabilia/Scrapbooking/Photo Albums
Sunday Papers, Circular and Coupons


Adult Children Living Back at Home
Blended Families
College Students
Transportation Workers



College Dorms
Home Offices
Laundry Rooms
Livable square footage of the home
Small business offices
Storage (On- and Off-Site, Portable)
(Un)Finished Basements
Worker’s Vans

360-degree Kits

I customize kits according to your budget and taste.  So there’s something for everyone and everything from your home and office to your car and travel destination.  In the description box I list the content of the elite package so you see my best representation for those with expensive taste.  But you can buy the bargain package and have all the spoils of a 360-degree kit (from soup-to-nuts) to meet your needs. All prices include hand delivery, NYS tax, and handling. Please ask me about other delivery options and how this impacts your final price or see the SHOP tab for rules and restrictions.  Please allow 7-10 days for hand delivery. You can purchase kits in my shop.  



This kit is purchasable via custom order only. I recommend the following items in conjunction with my kits for first aid and trunk (see SHOP tab): Prescription medications and glasses; infant formula and diapers; pet food and extra water for your pet; important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification, insurance, bank account records in a waterproof, portable container or page protector; cash or traveler’s checks and change; emergency reference material such as a first aid book; sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person; additional bedding; complete change of clothing such as a long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes; household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper; fire extinguisher; matches in a waterproof container or flint; feminine supplies and personal hygiene items including adult diapers; mess kits, paper cups and plates with plastic utensils; paper towels; pen, Sharpie marker and notebook; books, games, puzzles or other activities for children and adults; water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation; food, at least a three-day supply of freeze-dried, canned or vacuum sealed ready-to-serve foodstuffs; battery-powered or hand crank radio plus a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both; flashlight and extra batteries; first aid kit;  whistle or air horn to signal for help; dust mask, to help filter contaminated air; plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place; moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation; wrench or pliers to turn off utilities; can opener for food; local maps. Please refer to this website to be FEMA-compliant: https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1390846764394-dc08e309debe561d866b05ac84daf1ee/checklist_2014.pdf