Liberty, More or Less

Greetings on this brisk evening. Welcome to this evening's CEO post! It's a bittersweet day because I am grateful for my freedom, yet I am somber about those who have sacrificed their lives so I can enjoy that freedom. But what is freedom to one is restriction to others. That is to say, sometimes when presented with too much time on our hands or too many choices, we get sensory overload...too much to think about. This is how life can sometimes get complicated, confusing and yes chaotic. In my expressive arts practice, I often help clientele work through decision making exercises using art making process as a metaphor. Many times, the tradition calls for restricting the amount of colors they can use or limiting the words to the form of a haiku poem. For some, the anxiety heightens because they perceive deprivation...they lack a variety of resources with which to work. For others, the shoulders drop, the jaw loosens, the exhale becomes emphatic and what-to-you-know? The resources given provide a framework: a structure to make decisions on how to create. Green might conjure up nature or activity (think "green means go"). Fat markers and small paper force the artist to be nimble...or choosy! It depends on how you look at it. How does structure play a role in decision making with your household spending? Is there structure? None? Something in between? Does is make you anxious? Calm? Lost? Argumentative or collaborative? Structure allows a start that could be a faster process than if you have infinite options. Less is more. Or is more simply better? Food for thought.

Achievement and the "Law"

Yerkes Dodson Law: Arousal, Learning and Achievement. In my interpretation, I see this law charting productivity. What part of the day are you most productive? And are you the type to get more done under pressure? Take a look at the factors and decide what holds true for you.  Are you inundated with information and decisions? Take a step back: compartmentalize, prioritize, then start doing! Baby steps...  #productivitytools #productivity #motivation #workflow #priorities #management #projectmanagement #yerkesdodsonlaw #motivation #learningstyles #achievement #alertness #emotionalintelligence #memorymanagement #stressmanagement


"The grass is always greener on the other side," some say. I am often tempted to believe this because my own inner critic seems to think everyone else has some secret to success that I might not have found yet. Well, this day in New Windsor at Storm King Art Center I like the grass just the way I found it: lush and green, with some cat tails and random brush, weeds and flowers blooming despite the Fall weather. There's nothing wrong with benchmarking against what others have achieved; after all, it's a reason to rise...rise above the doldrums, rise to the occasion, rise out of bed in the morning.

Project Portfolio Matrix

Create a matrix where both axes represent an intersection of two important resources necessary to complete a project: this is called the Project Portfolio Matrix. In this case the y axis is cost and the x axis is time. Under “cost” from bottom to top is listed “underspent,” “on budget,” and “overspent.” Under “time” from left to right is listed “late,” “to plan,” and “early.” Now plot projects on there in circles where the grid lines intersect. Where do you fall on the matrix? Under cost, on time? Over cost, early?

Long Island Fall Festival Street Fair 10/6&7/2018

The 2018 Long Island Fall Festival is taking place in Huntington, NY on Long Island's Gold Coast from 10/5-8 featuring a street fair on 10/6 &7 Saturday and Sunday! Transform180, LLC will be exhibiting at booth 75 from 11AM-6PM in a dark blue circus top tent and will be giving away *FREE* branded organizing tools and hosting a *FREE* raffle filled with a combination of organizing tools for the closet, car and office! See you then. Visit or for directions and more information. See you then! #fall #autumn #fallfestival #streetfair #fun #weekend #lifecoaching #inspiration #goals #professionalorganizers #declutter #branding #coaching #motivation #entrepreneurship #newyork #newyorker #goldcoast #northshore #longisland #newyorkarea #tristatearea #exhibit #tent #2018 is LIVE! 9/18/18

Drum roll is now LIVE as of 5:30PM 9/18/18. Please be sure to visit and drop by the SHOP page for gift ideas for yourself or for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or to prepare for hurricane season (yes I sell Emergency Preparedness kits [see SERVICES page] and other convenient, to-go kits to help keep you organized). Mention "Blog" when you contact me to get a 15% discount on the first on-site professional organizing visit or first coaching session (Needs Assessment). Together we can..."Change. With PURPOSE."TM hashtag#transform#180#Change#purpose#FEMA#organizing#hurricane#holidays#birthdays#kits#coaching#life#transition#birthday#anniversary#shop#buy#gifts#anniversary#emergency

Presenting Transform180, LLC! 9/22 & 9/23/18

Welcome to my site! It’s a labor of love to launch Transform180, LLC this Fall. This is a wonderful arena in which to create and contribute so that my loyal audience is kept engaged. I am delighted to be exhibiting at a booth on the corner of Grand Avenue and Bedford Avenue in Bellmore, NY on 9/22 and 9/23, 2018 at the 32nd Annual Bellmore Street Fair. Please join me while I display my wares for professional organizing and life coaching. Look for the white tent with a blue circus top where I will offer two raffles—one for each day. All you need to do is sign my guest book to be eligible to win. Guests are also eligible to receive a 15% discount on the first phase of organizing or life coaching (Needs Assessment). Remember: the first 20-minute phone consultation is free. Have a great day everyone!