In my professional organizing and coaching business, I help streamline and systemize your living and working quarters as well as your thinking pattern so you can manage time and stress; refine your personal expression; and, improve the functionality of your daily life with ease. I apply skills I learned from working for 15 years for a mentor of mine in her organizing company in New York City. I also leverage knowledge from complementary fields that include systems design, event planning, project management and eLearning. 

In my coaching practice since 2008, my clients have included individuals and groups searching not only to develop self-awareness, but also to express and present themselves more uniquely and confidently than ever before. More specifically, I help those who generally want a new “personal” brand, better life path and solid coping tools for profound loss and transition. I take an integrative approach to guiding clients through life’s milestones, disruptions and transitions by combining expressive arts and master-level life coaching learned in accredited schools in Upstate New York, the New York Metro Area, and Central Europe.

My Path


During the “year 2000 bug” phase, I was working in an e-commerce company that specialized in user-friendly design for manufacturers, pharmaceutical, and finance sectors particularly with reference to scheduling, production procedures and data storage. This is where I got my first taste of systems thinking, design and development.  At the same time, during unpaid summer sabbaticals in Switzerland at the European Graduate School, my psychology studies involved studying chaos theory and its role in both the creative process and in problem solving. It was then that a dear childhood friend of mine accepted me for a psychology internship to work with hoarders at her start-up professional organizing company: It was the perfect assignment!  As the years went on, I worked at her firm on-call. She assigned me to all types of wonderful experiences such as out-of-state senior relocation projects; decluttering Manhattan apartments; all phases of relocation (there are five); and beautifying penthouses for the rich and famous in New York City as well as in mansions in the Tri-State area.  I did this for 15 years while I was perfecting my own unique style of life coaching and organizing in my own practice and in related fields.  

My Beliefs

I believe it is vital to growing a business to have a solid brand as well as a recognizable set of unique selling points.  For one, I am an artist with business and technical savvy. By nature, I am discerning and analytical: I enjoy fixing things. In addition, I’m an extracurricular learning enthusiast, having received dozens of certificates that are complementary to coaching and organizing; therefore, I can think outside the box. Having said all that, I have realized that the basis of all the clients and colleagues with whom I have worked is that all have been through loss and transition: hurdles, celebrations, milestones and disruptions.  After all, there is truth in the adage that the only constant is change, paraphrased from Heraclitus of Ephesus (Ἡράκλειτος, Herakleitos; c. 535 BC – 475 BC).  He was a Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe. I believe that no one goes it alone. Together we can... Change. With PURPOSE.™


  • European Graduate School, “Expressive Arts and Psychology” Major with “Coaching, Consulting, and Education,” Minor. Thesis with Honors.

  • Universal Class Online, “Professional Organizing” Certification Track, 2018

  • Institute for Life Coach Training, “Life Coaching” Certification Track, 2014

  • New York Expressive Arts, “Expressive Art Therapy” and “Creativity Mentoring” Graduate Certification Tracks, 1997- 2002

  • American Management Association, “Time Management for Employees,” Workshop Series, 1995

  • New York University, “Instructional Design” Certification Track, 1999

  • BizFlow® Corporation, “Handysoft© Workflow Software for Administrators and Managers,” Workshop Series, 2001

  • Laura Nack, LCSW, ACC, BCC-Leadership and Life Coaching, “Strengths-Based Leadership” Workshop Series, 2014

  • Laura Nack, LSCW, ACC, BCC-Leadership and Life Coaching, “Vital Voices at The Table—Women in Leadership” Workshop Series, 2014

  • New York State Department of Labor, “Advanced Career Search Trends” Series, 2017

  • Right Management, “Career Revamping after Redundancy” Intensive Workshop, 2008

My Value Proposition

As I build strong connections outside the North Bellmore, Long Island area, I continually invites the traditions and code of ethics of the community at large: in particular that of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores and of Huntington. As such I promise to provide a work-oriented, solutions-focused approach with its competitors and clientele. I vow to adhere to such values as confidentiality, transparency, mutual respect, deep and active listening, direct communication and preparedness. Best practices include powerful questioning; trust and intimacy development; agreements for rules of engagement; designing actions; planning and goal-setting; management of progress and accountability; and, finally my commitment to excellence and resourcefulness.